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Ionic Automation

Medical Device Assembly

Ionic designs and builds automated medical device assembly and test systems for new applications or for integration into existing work environments. Our depth of expertise in automating solutions offers an advantage to creating innovative approaches to medical applications. Offering stand-alone stations or fully integrated systems for device feeding, assembly and inspection, our professional staff deliver turnkey solutions to your facility. 

Syringe Assembly and Packaging

An Elegant and Efficient Solution

A MangeMover intelligent, high-speed transport system transports the syringe components through the assembly operations.

Each precision pallet carries multiple syringes. The intelligent pallet positioning capabilities allows the pallet to be stopped multiple times at stations requiring less processing time and stopped fewer times at stations requiring longer processing times. This results in greater system flexibility and higher equipment utilization at each of the processing stations.

Syring Assembly Operations:

l     Automatic feeding and assembly for barrels, plungers, plunger tips and filter pros
l     Dedicated silicone and heparin dispensing operations
l     Heparin curing via custom oven
l   Various component and process verifications including:
           l       Part type and barrel occlusion identification
           l    Verify plunger actuation force, set and verify plunger height

Assembled syringes are transported to an automated thermoforming station where they are loaded with patient labels, into formed pockets for individual packaging.

The ThermoFormer is equipped with a printer. The print is applied to the backing of the package before the separation of packages. Individually packaged syringes are loaded into boxes by a six axis robot.

Solution Highlights:

l     Required Cycle Time - 120 parts per minute (0.5s per part)
l     Part Types - 2
l     Silicone Dispense Specification - Heated and dispensed at milligram control
l  Herapin Dispense Specification - Includes bubble and even spraying detection at milligram control

The system includes a sampling mode that allows correlation and calibration operations to be completed on both the Silicone and Heparin dispensing operations


Bedside Medical Device Assembly

A Unique Manufacturing Opportunity

Ionic Automation customers require solutions similar to existing manufacturing systems, but updated with new technologies that provide real improvements to the existing processes.

The assembly process includes high-precision, vision-guided assembly.
The vision-guided assembly tolerances of 0.05 mm were achieved in 3 axes within the required 1.3 second cycle time.
Various part transfer technologies were utilized to accommodate diverse processes including corona surface treatment and multi-up pressing.

The system includes several vision inspection operations as well as full part tracking and MES capabilities.

Solution Highlights:

l    Vision Guided Assembly - 0.02mm accuracy (X\Y), 0.016mm (skew) to a cpk of 1.33
l    Required Cycle Time - 1.3s
l Part Types - 7
l    Full Part Data Tracking Provided - from Part Introduction to Offload
l Customer MES Communication Provided
l Includes Multiple Vision Operations Completing Various Inspection and Assembly Guidance Tasks (this includes closed loop data feedback to prevent process drift)



To view a case study for a medical device assembly system provided by Ionic Automation, click here

We operate as a team with your product designers, manufacturing engineers, and maintenance staff to provide the best solution for your needs.
We ask questions and listen to you in order to understand your requirements, and design a unique solution which meets your needs.

We analyze individual processes to apply the correct level of automation and labour.

Medical Device Systems

We design and/or build a wide range of medical device assembly and test systems:
  • Assembly Systems
  • Leak Testing Machines
  • Medical Device Cleaning, Gluing and Assembly
    • Syringe Assembly Systems
    • Catheter Assembly Systems
    • Intravenous drip Assembly Systems
  • Vision Inspection Systems
  • Measurement and Calibration Systems

Custom Solutions for Medical Industry

Ionic can help you:
  • Determine the  feasibility of automating your systems
  • Project the financial return on investment of a medical device system
  • Develop an implementation plan  for automating your  production process
  • Engineer and build your custom medical solution